1 December 2021 Current Affairs Questions – English

1 December 2021 Current Affairs 


1 December 2021 Current Affairs 

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Current affairs Questions with Answers 


1. ADB Bank approved how many billion dollar loan to India to buy COVID-19 tickets?

Ans. $1.5 billion

2. Which country’s weather bureau declared the start of a “La Nina” season?

Ans. Australia

3. India’s first virtual science laboratory for children was started by what name?

Ans. CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Jigyasa Programme.

4. Who became the head of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Personal Data Protection Bill 2019?

Ans. PP Choudhary

5. Who was appointed as the new Ambassador of India to Ukraine?

Ans. Shri Harsh Kumar Jain

6. Which was declared the world’s most polluted city?

Ans. Lahore

7. Who has been appointed as the President of Asia in the Executive Committee of the International Criminal Police Organization?

Ans. Praveen Sinha

8. Who is the author of the launch book “Contested Lands: India, China and the Boundary Dispute?

Ans. Maroof Raza

9. Which edition of CORPAT exercise was organized between India-Indonesia in the Indian Ocean?

Ans. 37th India

10. Who is the author of the launch book Conversations India’s Leading Art Historian Engage with 101 Themes and More? 

Ans. BN Goswami

11. Who was the first Indian to get knighthood?

Ans. SK Sohan Roy

12. What is the rank of India in a new disaster report of SBI?

Ans. 3rd

13. Cherry blossom Festival 2021 has started?

Ans. Shillong

14. Where was the military exercise Dakshin Shakti’ organized?

Ans. Jaisalmer 

15. Sanant Tanti passed away, what was he?

Ans. Poet 

16. Which is the 4th stealth Scorpene class submarine which was recently included into the indian Navy Under the project 75? 

Ans. INS Vela

17. Which state will set up India’s first cyber tehsil?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh 

18. When is National Organ Donation Day celebrated?

Ans. 27 November 

19. Who was named as the World of the year 2021 by Collins Dictionary?

Ans. NFT

20. Who was the launched Ministry of “Jal shakti’ River cities Alliance?

Ans. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

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